How to get rid of slack in burly bearings

I have some slack seen below in the bearing of the X strut. Every other bearing has tension except that one and the same one but for Y strut. Is there a tension bolt to tighten this gap?

They are the bottom bearings in the first picture.

There should be none.

When it is not assembled was the XY part tight on the rail?

It is either the wrong rail, bad print tolerances, or you assembled it too tightly. From the FAQ’s chances are you just need to run it a bit and rebuild it to loosen up your prints.

It has been running for about a month now. It was tight on the rail when I first installed it. I will reprint both burlies, would that be the best idea?

Take apart the center assembly, swap a few parts, put it back together loosely as per the instructions. make sure the Z rails are parallel.