How to insert belt into tensioners?

I’ve almost build my MPCNC primo but I’m struggling with belt tensioner.
I’m not able to insert belt into them.
What did I miss ?
Do you have any advice ? Issue with belts thickness?


Can you give us a picture of how things look like atm?

Sure, here it is.

Not sure if it can help.

Press hard. I used a screwdriver for it and pushed it in. Took quite a bit of force.

The belt looks a little thick? Is it from Ryans shop? I’m at work, I’ll take a look when I come home how it looks.

+1 A liberal amount of gorilla effort and a flat-bladed screwdriver. I used a big screwdriver and used it more like a press.

The belt come from Aliexpress not Ryans shop.
From here :

Ok, I will give it a try without cutting my fingers :smiley:

The last pic is how you should insert it. Make sure the teeth are meshing. If there are any burrs on the print, remove them with a hobby knife or a lighter.


Now stab it with the edge of the screwdriver. That’s what I did. :slight_smile: