How to make your shop far more productive

This video is full of all the cool things I have seen people do over the years seeing shops. I agree, almost everything he shows is worth taking the time to set it up. Long vid, watch a bit go look at your work area, come back and watch some more…then watch it again after your next project.

I thought I was fairly organized, but this makes me want to do some more.


I immediately bookmarked the video. I’m working on a new workshop. My mpcnc will be in the room next door and the low-rider should also be built…

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Boy that is some organization! I can definitely use some of his ideas.
Love the Vacuum setup…

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Until you have to empty it.


:joy: that is true… That vacuum is small I don’t think it would be too heavy, I wouldn’t mount my 16 gallon shop vacuum up there :joy::joy:

You just need to mount the 16g even higher so you can use it to empty the first.

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He never mentioned that roll of paper on his table. The last shop I worked at had that and it came in handy all the time. Pull it out to cover the table when you know you are about to make a mess, take something apart and use it to write on and take notes to label parts, leave notes to others that might use the space…packing material.

Giant rolls are $30 (24"x1200’), small rolls are under $20. I have several rolls here and never thought to mount one on my table, I will be doing that today. I mounted up a scrap piece of HDPE (mp3dp v1 bed) to the end of my table as a cutting board. How did I not think of that before?!

He did, when he was talking about the table. He use it for painting …

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I have to watch it again…oh, bummer, :wink:

Love the remote switch for the vacuum, I got a cheapo one for my ridgid off Amazon and it’s a game changer. Saves me having to trip over all my crap to go turn the shop vac on and off because my shop does not look like his :frowning:

It’s funny how the longer you work at it the differenter you work from everyone else!

I’m slowly working my way through the video - the fold-up vices? Nahh. They just mean you have wasted space under your workbench, and in my case are just one more thing not to put away.

I’ve found over the years that if I have to swing it out, lift it up, bolt it to something, I end up using something else. I have a much smaller area, with what just might be more large gear (not boasting) and have one only folding thing, a table/bench with no top, that becomes my workhorse when the car is out of the garage. Everything else is on wheels, to aid cleaning,

My shopvac has a 6m (20ft) hose and an auto start if it has to be attached to a tool like the ROS or Domino.

I’ll update as we go along - but don’t get me wrong - everything in it’s place is great including the “putting things away” message.

When things get out of hand for me, I have a rule that I put five things away every time I walk into the shop, so it’s never a big task.

Now to watch the rest of the video! :smiley:

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Pool hose as a vac hose should be outlawed. All the neighbor dogs hate that guy.


My neighbor has a chihuahua. Making it less happy bothers me not in the slightest.


Yea, but I don’t want to have to wear hearing protection when using the shop vac.

My shop is in a constant state of ‘organized mess’. I’d love to have things more organized, but then I start another project.

My biggest issue right now is that I have a CNC machine taking up 3/4 of my 4’x8’ work table. I think the project to get that into it’s own enclosure is still 2 or 3 projects away.

At that point in life where I have to augment hearing and vision, I wonder if a bit more hearing protection used in former times might have saved some of my faculties for now!

In a case of too little too late, I use hearing protection pretty much whenever something with a motor is turned on - and the shop vac does put out serious db.

I do this anyway. My hearing is apparently still in the top 5 percentile for someone half my age, and Id like to keep it that way.


I was accidentally under an F-15E at 80% power with no hearing protection on once. Caught my hardshells on a bomb fin and knocked them off. My ears are screwed anyway.

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