how to print the dxf files

I am new at using any cad programs. I have a 3d printer already but want to build a DIY version. I started printing the pieces for the MP3DP and need to make the framework. I do not have a mill so I wanted to print the DXF files out to make templates to trace out and cut. Has anyone done this (converted them to a printable file) and if so how did you do it. Details please as I tried following a couple peoples tutorials and could not get them to work. They said the front rail was 83 inches long. Any help will be well appreciated.

Make sure when you convert them you stay in millimeters. Sounds like whatever is printing them is converting to inches.

Sorry I couldn’t help before Dave But I have two solutions for you.

First one is Solidworks has a free “viewer” it opens all kids of solidworks files and lets clients view them, even assemblies and things. Pretty cool, previous clients loved using it and even use to send me “revised” drawings back (they would take screen shots and make notes on them).

Or I am putting up PDf’s right now.

Well I tried PDF’s and they just come out as pictures with no size verification at all. Use the viewer. It allows you to take measurements, and print at a 1to1 scale ext. Seems like the best option to me.

Thanks Vicious1 for your help. I have tried using the viewer and have had no luck. I Managed to print the front rail cause it is the smallest part and fits on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. The rest of the parts are too big and cannot get them to show up on the print preview. How is everyone making these parts. Does everyone own a mill or laser cutter? I would be willing to buy them premade if someone is willing to make me a set. Please let me know as I am almost done with the printed parts.

I forgot to thank everyone else as well. It is well appreciated.

This was put together as a project for the cnc, so most I feel have just been cutting them. Unfortunately The previous company I had selling the cut parts got caught not paying the commission so they are no longer affiliated. I don’t sell them because they do not fit in a flat rate box. I hope someone can cut a set for you, that would be cool.

I’ll see if I can find a way to make them fit on regular paper and you can tile them. I have made large prints this way before.

Copy and paste from my thread on how I did it. Sorry I didn’t see this one till after I already answered there.

Are you using inkscape to convert the file to PDF?
If so you need to make sure your document setting are Inches. I did a 14×14 work area, pulled the dxf into the page. Then save to pdf. Then print the pdf. I just tried to make sure and the y frame wants to print on 3 sheets of paper.

I could cut the same frame for you on the laser I did in my build, but that has some issues that need to be worked out. But I’m pretty sure it would fit in a flat rate box if I didn’t glue it all up. I could also use the makerspaces shopbot to CNC out the frame out of MDF if I can find the right size MDF. BUt shipping could get costly.

Thanks Vicious1 and Mmmfishtacos I appreciate your help. To answer your questions Mmmfishtacos, I at first did an online conversion. That definitely didn’t work. I downloaded Bullzip pdf printer and Novapdf 8. Both seemed to work for the smallest piece but the larger pieces wouldn’t even show up on the previews. I’m not sure what you are talking about copy and paste from your thread. If you could get me a price for both the mdf and laser cut pieces shipped to zip 49230 I would consider your offer.
Ok Vicious1 again I appreciate all you are doing to help. I only need 2 more pieces to print and I’m done with that. I don’t want to put you out as I know you are busy. If you find the time, I would appreciate it greatly if you could print them on regular paper. I don’t mind the tiling part. I just want to get the frame made. I really do appreciate the help. Maybe I should have made the MPCNC first. Anyway thank you both and all else.

This thread,

Check on my laser cut part on the second page. The z and Y are two sheets of 1/4 popular cut then glued together. But that file has issues I haven’t fixed yet. As I haven’t had to cut another frame yet.

4 nuts need to be recessed into the insides of the y frame. and the gaps in the seams need a better fit. Even though the seams don’t matter, it was something i did to fit the laser cutter and sheets that I could find at the time. And why I doubled up on 1/4. And the power supply needs holes drilled in the front to mount the supply. Check out my build page to get an idea of what would need to be done

The MDF frame would be standard.

And actually, just guessing on box dimensions and weight. It looks like shipping would be nearly the same for flat rate or standard shipping.
Let me see if I can find 1/4 mdf and all get back to you, hopefully tomorrow.