how to protect the floor from the laser?

I’m almost ready to make the first test with the laser from 5.5watt bought last month …
But before you make the first test on my mpcnc wanted to ask about the use of cnc as lasercutter what puts the material to be processed as protection …

I’ll explain:
if you need to cut a small panel of 4mm below I recommended to the panel material to place in order to protect the main floor of my cnc?

I await your advice, I thought to a metal plate 2mm

Thanks !
Have a Nice day

Thanks Barry for your fast reply :slight_smile:

an aluminum grid? a plate without holes fair enough? because here in Italy it is difficult to find. the grid of which function is? the laser does not cut in places where there is nothing?

The laser is only strong at the focal point. It won’t damage much after a few inches. So if you just use your laser on a thin sheet of spoil board you will be fine. Or most of us don’t even worry about it I’m sure. That is why we use a replaceable spoil board.

On the commercial lasers the grid helps with fume extraction. They pull the smoke and whatnot down. This will also help keep your cut material flat on the bed. You could try any expanded metal, as long as it’s flat. The solid metal idea will also work, but I’d worry about reflections. You could also use a piece of cement board, like what you’d use in bathroom shower surrounds.

Ah ok now I understand, but what I wonder is: the laser in the honeycomb cells do not have time to cut my work plan?
This grid of which I’ve posted the link is simple aluminum or do I look for in hardware or an alloy precise composition?

Thank you all

The little lasers that we use won’t really damage the honeycomb that much. Any noncombustible material will work. Like vicious said, even a sacrificial piece of plywood will work. Once the laser is past it’s cutting focal point, which should be at the surface of your cut material, or slightly below it, it’s just a really bright light and shouldn’t really cut into the table surface. I’d still stick with something that doesn’t burn though, just in case.

Just as a test, you could use a piece of aluminum foil under whatever you’re cutting. Just make sure you have your laser goggles on, or a shield of some kind.

goggles I have them all right, even when I do only the ignition on / off tests :wink: