How to remove twisting in the X-Axis Tube(s)

One of the X-Axis tubes sits slightly higher at one end.
It sits approx. 2-3mm high when comparing it to the other tube running parallel to it.

note: it only sits high at one end.

How to rectify this ?

Edit - I’m thinking of placing two wood blocks under the tubes to support them & loosen all the screws that hold the tubes in place and then re-tighten them. Having said this I think even with all screws loose one tube will still sit higher as perhaps the issue might be in the Y-Plate bolt holes not being drilled straight enough :frowning:

That’s how to straighten them. Though if your holes are out of alignment, might need to reprint a part. Generally I just let it down all the way, and then loosen the screws.

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will give it a crack tomorrow… prob. have to print a new part