How to resume after a M0 pause using CNCjs

I have the Windows desktop CNCjs installed (v1.9.27) and loaded up a G-code file. In it, it changes bits with a M0. CNCjs saw it, paused the cut (I’m just doing an air cut) and presented me with:
I clicked on the play button and the CNCjs console keeps showing “echo:busy: paused for user”. The only Marlin g-code I saw was M108 to resume, but that didn’t work. It just keeps saying ‘paused for user’.
Even stopping the job didn’t do anything.
Anyone using CNCjs experience this?
(I’m finding it hard to find a good Marlin g-code sender :cry:)

I think M108 resumes it. Try that in the console

According to the documentation for M108, enabling the emergency parser is helpful and might solve your problem. In configuration_adv.h, uncomment this line:


Then compile and reflash the firmware.

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Thanks guys. enabling the ‘EMERGENCY_PARSER’ was the solution along with typing in M108 in the console.