How to set micro-stepping on my MPCNC

Are there any instructions how to set the micro-stepping on MPCNC?

Are you using the recomended RAMP 1.4? Just play with the 3 jumpers under the steeper driver.



Yes, I purchased all from Vicious1, My question is in software level,
I move X-axis by50mm on the LCD screen and the movement is actually 63mm. How do I set the steps to be accurate?

Have you changed something in marlin config? If you bought all form Ryan, this should work ok.

No, just installed as is!

This sounds like the pulleys are not defined properly. Stepping will double or halve the distance.

May be you have changed steps/mm from lcd? Try Restore Failsafe options on the LCD menu to load “factory” defaults.

But even running in manual mode Repetier behaves the same way