How To Set Start And Stop Position

YES after doing my head in programing boards I got it to print the crown.

I thought my table was square but, I found the pen was a little light on one side. Strange as a straight edge put on the table you cant get a feeler gauge in. This I cn work on myself.

What I do need help with is the way I thought I had the cnc front edge seems to be the top on the x axis. Also the crown printed upside down.

It did not matter where I moved the head it would go to the same place it wanted to start and did not raise the pen when finished. I checked above job when finished in the program as per V1 instructions. Also the start and stop are back to front from where I set it up in Estlcam ? its like a mirror image.

Any help would be great.




Do you have Dual enstops?

Are you setting work coordinates G92?

Have you checked where you have plugged in your steppers in the board and verified they are in the correct positions?

No I don’t have end stops I’m set up in series as per Ryan’s recommendation.

I don’t know what you mean by g90 so no I have not done this step.

Flip the X axis stepper plug over on the control board. That will reverse/mirror the entire axis. X+ should move right, Y+ should move away from you.

Hi Ryan and Marion

After looking into this a little more I found that in Repetier I can only see the crown if I flip the bed upside down, on top it only shows a sort of elongated square.

Does the crown print out upside down or is this because I have the x axis around the wrong way. In my mind all this would do is put the start point where I would expect it to be.

what is the g92 thing Marion was asking, this was not in the instructions I was following.

Sorry for all the dumb questions as I have not ever done anything with cad before.



Move the machine in repetier, does clicking on the arrows move the machine the same directions? If it’s upside down and mirrored, you just need to flip the stepper wires on the board over, after you unplug it. The machine will think zero is where it is at when you turn it on. The G92 commands can set that point to anywhere you want it to be.

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Thanks for all the help.

I will try this out tonight.

I have not moved the machine with Repetier, as I tried this first up and the gantry on x-Axis went all the way to the end and tried to grind its self out of the frame. From then on I have only used the LCD to move the machine.



In which direction does the X-, Y-axis move when you use the LCD to move it in the positive direction?

Expected result:

X: Right

Y: Up

Maybe a picture of your machine?

To everyone that has helped me with my machine a heart felt thankyou, you have saved a lot of time and stress.

After doing all the thigs said it worked a treat. One of the things that I was getting stuck on was the machine starts where the head is after disconnecting the power from the board. I was moving it to where I wanted it to start and of course it went back to its known possition. My bad.




This is a layman’s explanation, so sorry if it doesn’t meet some of the technical requirements. I am just a novice in all this.

Maybe you understand this, but a little about gcode instructions might help. In your control interface, you might be thinking that the control is pressing an arrow or a house icon and that makes the machine move. What is going on is those icons are what sends specific commands to the control board and then that gets interpreted and sent through the drivers to spin the motors.

G92 is the command that you use to set a “work” zero coordinate or offset that is different from an endstop set home position that would result from bringing the axes all the way to the extreme left on X and extreme near side on Y and the Z tool tip touching the spoil board, if that is what you have set for your machine zero home.

G92 X0 Y0 Z0 will temporarily set your 0,0,0 to any place on the machine, so like a corner of a piece of wood, where the head is at the moment…

Network admins have a t-shirt that says, “No place like”

CNC folks have a t-shirt that says “No place like G92 Z0 Y0 Z0” or sometimes “G28 ;” which homes the axes.

I use it because I’m still getting used to the CNC.js interface and the icons that I am using. I made a custom command for setting work offsets that I know is exactly what I want.

Putting in the G92 for homing all the axes where your head is at the moment would have given you a clear indication that when you went left or right, front to back, you were getting the movement you expected. You seemed to have figured out the home position and how that remains.