how to test ramps/steppers?

I would like to hook up the steppers to the ramps board and do a simple test. All I want to do is move +/- and verify the wiring is correct. I’ve installed Estlcam 10 on my pc and plugged into the ramps board using USB.
I don’t see any option for tool movement in Estlcam although there is a recent topic stating that feature is in beta.
Do I need to install the Arduino tools on the pc first?
Is Estlcam the right software for this test?


If you have just started use repetier host.

You can play with the steppers without using any programs by using Windows PowerShell (Win7 and above?): Click the windows icon in the lower left, type “cmd” to open a command window shell, then type “powershell” to launch the extended command mode. Turn on the controller and then enter the lines after PS> below.

PS> [System.IO.Ports.SerialPort]::getportnames()

This will list the serial ports on the computer, if you see nothing, or the com port is the one already on the computer, you may be missing the USB->Com driver, so load an appropriate driver (or load Ardunio). Enter the lines below to setup the port (change the COM and baud rate paramets to match the above com port), then open the port with the command. Send GCode commands using the $port.WriteLine commands and you will (hopefully!) see the steppers rotate.

PS> $port= new-Object System.IO.Ports.SerialPort COM5,250000,None,8,one
PS> $
PS> $port.ReadLine()
PS> $port.WriteLine(“G0 X10”)
PS> $port.WriteLine(“G0 Y10”)
Ps> $port.WriteLine(“G0 Z10”)
PS> $port.Close()