How to wire?

Hi, I am ready for wiring, but I don’t get how. I studied all pictures en texts about this but I am totally confused. Unforunately I don’t know anything about electronics, please can somebody help me?
I got the parts bundle from Vicious with 3 wiring sets, but it doesn’t match the pictures. Somewhere in the instructions you can read: ‘Connect the close stepper to the doubled up plug on the harness.’ On the pictures you can see plugs with double wiring but I don’t have a doubled up plug.
Is there a connection scheme somewhere?


This is the wiring I got: 2x the set with 3 plugs and 1x the set with 2 plugs.

The single goes to the z motor, the one with two goes to the x and y.

Thanks Barry, like this sketch? But how to match the colors?
The stepper motor has blue/yellow/green/red… Or has the open side of the plugs to be on one side?

Sketch looks right, no need to match colors just connect and test(without belts), if one motor is going in the wrong direction flip the plug for that motor. (Oh and always turn off power to ramps when you mess with the wiring or some magic smoke could leak out :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks, my dimensions are 600 x 800 mm so I have to extend the wires to the board first.

You shouldn’t need to extend them unless your ramps is really far away. I would get it working before you try extending anything, all sorts of problems can pop up doing that.

What am I doing wrong then? Those two marked plugs had to be connected to the ramps, but if I move the x-axis the wirtes are to short. I notice the red/black wires are long and hanging down…

The picture you provided does not really show what you have going on there.

Lets just do one axis.

Generally we feed the wires through the tubes.

The female plug on the farthest motor plugs into the male black orange yellow red end of the harness. pass this through the tube.

The nearest motor, then plugs into the blue yellow green orange plug. That should leave you with almost 4 feet of wire to then plug into the ramps.

Sorry, no this was not a helpfull picture. But your instruction is. Got it right now. I used the other plug with blue wire to connect with the stepper motor because somewhere I read to keep the blue wires corresponding.

Thank you very much, another step…