How would you guys cut and paint something with multiple different colors?


I ordered my parts and will be setting up in the next few weeks but im trying to get ideas ahead of time. Ive read about some guys using Vinyl to cut into and leave only certain parts exposed to paint. Im looking to possibly try to this Mustang emblem once im established but I cant figure out how you could cut it and paint so it looks good. Im sure I could sit there with a paintbrush doing line by line super carefully but is there a way to do it with more precision? Such as idk tell the cam system to one line and stop so I can spray paint one color at time?

Obviously the quick and dirty way I would imagine is to just paint by hand but theres no way its going to come out good at least with my skills lol.


Easy. Cut the background out first (the red, white, and blue bars) paint those then carve the horse.

Break the job up into two carvings.

Agreed, there are other options as well. You can dump in colored epoxy. You can cut it out paint it pretty sloppy and do a final surfacing pass to expose clean wood after paint on the high spots. Or reverse you can start the cut leave the colors high, pain them, then do a finishing pass to clean up the edges. Lots of options but have a look at some things and what you want it to look like when it is done.

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This is a good learning moment. There are many paths to the same location. Just think about it and decide how to approach it. Me? I would break it down as Ryan suggested. Multiple carvings as I said but don’t do a finishing pass until you paint first. That cleans up everything for you, then knock out the Mustang.

BTW, I have been working on metal plating wood - yup, really plating nickle onto wood, plastic, and other things. It’s electroplating and really cool. I think your project would be perfect for that technique too. Here’s a youtube link to see what it’s all about.

I am creating a paint that is electrostatic. Paint it and the metal attracts to the painted area. Poof, plated. Cool or what?

Here’s a better vid

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Are you wanting to carve it, or are you wanting to cut a vinyl mask and spray paint?

If you’re wanting to cut a vinyl mask, then I would create a separate gcode file for each color. Put vinyl down on the surface and cut color #1. Pull off the vinly and spray paint that color. Then pull the rest of the mask off and let dry fully. Put a brand new solid vinyl mask down, then run gcode #2 for the second color. Spray paint it and then repeat the steps for the rest of the colors.

They make a special vinyl mask that is less sticky then normal vinyl so that it doesn’t pull off the paint when you pull it up.

They also make a reuseable mask material where you would have the vinyl cutter cut all of the masked portions. Then you’d lift off each piece that you’re going to paint and put the mask onto a clean piece of glass. Spray paint that color, then when it dries, put that piece of mask back over the painted part and pull off the next parts. You’d use less masking material, but it’d take longer to replace the mask each time.

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You could cut the 3 bars out individually, paint them, then cut the horse out, then glue all the pieces together. Bonus of having a cool 3d effect.

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This technique was mentioned earlier, but I like to show this video, he’s got a real “how it’s made” vibe when he explains stuff.

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