Howdy All! New Build in Calgary, Canada!

Hi all!

I figured since I've been lurking and actually started a build I should introduce myself. I'm David, I found out and got super excited about MPCNC because of Tom's video series (despite his very haphazard approach to his build and the drama he started).


I’ve got all the outer parts printed nearly I just have the the motor mounts and the X/Y carriage to print before I can start the build.


I’m planning a slightly larger than suggested build with a 24"X x 12"Y x 4"Z work area. I’ve got mid-span printed as well for the X axis.


I already have a DW660 however I need a 1/4” collet for it. I’m looking forward to getting this thing together!




The 660 should come with an 1/8" and 1/4", at least both mine did. That size is fine, but a 4" Z is pretty tall, you might want to cut that down and just accommodate taller things with an adjustable table.

I built a 36" x 36" here in Calgary. Bought the pipe from Metal Supermarket here in town. Have run it for over a year and never did see the need for mid-span supports. It is pretty solid, don’t over think things. I built a remote pendant which was well worth it.

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Ryan: I've seen you mention the 3" vs 4" Z a couple times. What makes the 4" too high? I'm worried that with bit length, material height, and wasteboard combined 3" won't be enough Z travel. That said this is my first CNC router so I admitedly don't have a true frame of reference.


Bryan: Would it be possible to see your machine sometime that is convenient for you? If it’s not too much trouble I’d love to see one in action and hear your experience building as well as the ups and downs of the what it does well and struggles with.

If you are worried about tall projects and materials you need to make the table accommodate them not the machine. 1/8" endmills are 3/4" so much over 1.5" is a waste.

Your wasteboard should not be a factor in your build height it should be at table level or lower. If you take that to the extreme why build a 6" machine to have a 3" wasteboard. You get a much better machine with a short build height. Tables are easy to adjust if needed.

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It’s taking form!

I’ll be printing the last piece tonight (a lower xyz piece). Bearings come in Sunday and hardware shopping this weekend. With any luck I’ll have a frame to square up sometime next week!




Bearings and fasteners arrived! Did some work on the center carriage today. Good news is it looks like a thing now! Bad news is that I cracked the outside of the xyz on one side trying to do up the bolt :confused:


I can’t feel ANY tilt or twist flex in the Z when I pull on it hard. I’m tempted to put it together and know that if I run into problems it’s going to be the first thing I fix.


More work this weekend on the frame! Since this picture was taken I got the frame screwed down and roughly squared up. I need to buy a dial indicator at some point in order to do a better job. I really wish I could afford to buy all of the everything in one go. I’ll DEFINITELY be making a donation to Ryan’s “keep a roof over my head” fund as soon as possible! Thank you for making this project as accessible as you have Ryan. I could never take this on if the only option was a completely closed source kit.

No real assembly issues so far on this end. The next big step will be waiting you the steppers and doing some plotting when the boat arrives from China.

Currently reading up on feeds and speeds and trying to understand it all. I’m so looking forward to hopefully making some Christmas gifts on it!

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Howdy all!

I haven’t updated in a while because I haven’t had much to report frankly.

Long story short, she’s up and running! A couple very minor issues and some final polishes needed but it’s going!

First the good:

-First test cuts in blue foam and MDF completed easily. I used ESTLcam for the first set of cuts and then repeated in fusion (my CAM workflow of choice). MDF cuts made at 762mm/min, 45% step over, 30k rpm (assumed, a tach is on the list to acquire), adaptive pocketing strategy, 3mm DOC.

-So far I have 0.3mm repeatable error in X and Y. I figure I just need to calibrate my steps/mm.

-I only broke one 1/8th single flute upcut mill!


The bad (maybe just not-so-good?)

-Zsteps/mm were WAY out for me. My calculated steps/mm was nearly 3200 this has given me repeatable correct dimensions in Z.

-I haven’t figured out how to store the adjusted steps/mm value in the eeprom yet. Currently I’m doing an M92 on MPCNC boot up.

-My Z screw is about an inch too long so it’s interfering with the cut material. An easy fix of course.


To do:

-Mount and hookup dual endstop switches

-Figure out my Z touch plate approach (other than wiring two wires to the board for the switch I haven’t figured out my plan for this yet)

-Clean up/extend the power wiring, mount and wire up the power supply switch.

-Do a final dial in on the Z Corner heights to ensure level

-Surface spoilboard, and mill holes for work holding.


Finally! Pics!

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Do you havr the right leadscrew? Those are allthread numbers. Be careful with any Z speeds. If it goes too fast, it can starve the cpu doing all those steps.

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My rebuild is attached to some MDF directly and not a table. Any suggestions on how to deal with that? Is there a wrong, but workable way to do it so I can get enough clearance for a taller waste board? I also may have miscalculated the Z height/lead screw…

I think I got the right lead screw. Looking at it it’s definitely acme thread. It’s possible I got sent the wrong pitch :confused:

This is the exact item I purchased:



You should be able to tell by looking at the nut, and the screw. The nut should have 4 leads and the screw should look about the same spacing as the ebay pic.

To save your settings to eeprom, it’s M500. You need to have eeprom enabled in the firmware.

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Thanks for the heads up Jeff on the lead screw! You saved me a ton of time troubleshooting I’m sure!

Taking a close look at the lead screw I have its definitely not the same pitch as the pictures. I had the CNC drill out my work hiding holes using a Fusion 360 bore operation where it helicals down into the hole. Over the course of the holes the Z kept migrating up which would make complete sense if it was missing steps on the helical down (18mm x 3200steps is a **** of a lot when it’s also spiraling in x and Y) and then not missing steps during the vertical pull out of the hole.


Anyways I got the holes drilled and the work holding system is going in today.


I’ll order a new lead screw tonight but if someone would be kind enough to confirm that I ordered the right part I’d appreciate it (link in post above)


Thanks for all your help folks!

Ryan, I want to thank you for this amazing project! It’s very well documented (which is an incredible feat in and of itself!), well designed, and you’re incredibly generous to share it with all of us!


I hope I haven’t been too annoying with my requests for help, I do endeavor to be self-sufficient and all the help has been much appreciated!


Thank you all!


The lead screw you have will work fine just do not move any faster than 8.4mm/s plunge or rapid.