HUVUD CAN Hot End Board

This seems like it lets you connect 4 wires to your hot end and then wire everything just to this board instead of having the big umbilical cord of cables. Seems pretty slick.

This reminds me of our USBC ideas @forcerouge

Heh, they were just talking about that board this morning on the railcore discord. One of the guys was worried about the crappy soldering. Lot of cold joints and not enough solder.

Wait this is kinda huge right?

I understand how the sensors and stuff are handled (each gets checked one at a time just really fast) but it is fast enough for steppers as well or is this for bowdens only?..oh I see it has the driver on it. This seems pretty ideal just needs that accelerometer for the harmonics test.

Yep, talks over canbus.

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Some people are trying to move more weight off of the hot end. I wonder how this and all the connectors compare to the weight and forces of the umbilical cord.

But personally, I would sacrifice a lot of speed for a wiring solution like this. I want to see what the entire hot end looks like with the hemera, two fans, bltouch and volcano or the new hot end from e3d.

And it may end up being faster, because you don’t have to fight as many wires on the umbilical.

It would especially help very large printers.

The accelerometer stuff I’ve seen has all been mounted temporarily. Which makes some sense to me. But if you do have a board like this, maybe you could fit it in without adding weight.

That reminds me, I need to get an accelerometer.

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Does it make more sense to add a 12v common rail and just run each negative back to the board?

That would save 4 wires in itself.

I don’t think that would work with my printer, or the voron. I’m not sure the sensors can share a neutral with power. With this board it looks like only 4 wires go out to the board, 2 data, and 2 power. It then splits out to the 4 stepper, 2 thermistor, 2 part fan, 2 hot end fan, and 2 endstop wires. Just needs a couple more ports for a bl-touch and it’d be perfect. The wire loom going out to my extruder is crazy.


That would work for the heater, the two fans. Bltouch is 5V. The thermistor might work too. It would depend on how it was wired and there may be enough voltage drop over the wire to make fhat not work.

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