I built it, now what?

So I’m the new guy! My MPCNC is pretty much built. However everything in this world is new to me. My son in law printed the parts for me and we bought the rest from the store. The instructions were great and easy to follow and I think I’m ready to go.

I went ahead and connected the dual end stops and they seem to work. I’m a little confused on the z side of things. There is a Home Z option, but from what I can see there isn’t anything to home it to. Is there a place to put an end stop on the Z axis that I’m missing? I get the feeling that it isn’t really necessary too. Also, what about a plate?

My next question is about the LDC panel menu? I don’t see options to set where you are at as zero if you want to do that custom. The only way I’ve found is to turn it off and then plug it in and it starts where you have it. Is there something else? Also, is there a way from the LCD to give manual commands, not that I would know how to do that anyway? Do I want to change or customize the menu?

Next, do I need to hook it up to a laptop, or is the LCD panel enough to control everything and use the SD card to transfer files once I get them ready on the laptop.

I successfully drew a crown. It was exciting to watch. I’m a little unsure where to go next. I’m thinking I might find a file on Etsy or something and try to cut it out on a piece of the HD insulation.

I’ll try and put some pictures of what I’ve done so far. Thanks for putting together such a fun and well worked system!


Welcome to the forum and congrats on your new cnc ! Looks like a great build. :+1:t2:

Let me see if I can help to answer your questions.
Z home. Usually I set my z zero position to the top surface of what I’m cutting. The gcode then cuts 2mm or whatever depth I want. You can also get a touch plate to do this. See here.

Yes, you can type in manual commands from the LCD. To zero all the axis, I think you type G92 X0 Y0 Z0

I copy the gcode to an SD card and then run it from the LCD.

Hope that helped.


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I can’t tell which lcd you have.

In the marlin mode, there should be a “set home position”.


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Thanks for y the replies! It is the LCD that came with the kit. I can find a set home offsets, but not a set home position. When I select that, it says to home xyz first. I also can’t find anyway to enter anything manually.

Note, my cut out Ikea container is only temporary.

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That is a bit surprising.

The 510D isn’t what I was expecting. I was expecting 513D. But I’m honestly not sure if that is expected behavior in 513D either.

Can you set just X or Y to zero with the screen? What about homing X and Y and then setting home?

The Z endstop is a touch plate. Anything that can close the loop between signal and ground will work. Ryan sells a tiny spatula and a clip to attach to the bit. The bit touches the spatula to complete the connection.

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I typically use my MPCNC without the touch plate. I set the head exactly where I want it and all my Gcodes start with “G92 X0 Y0 Z0” That sets the zero’s for you without needing to remember to push any buttons.

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Thanks again! I was able to flash it up to the 513D. I still don’t see a set home. I do see a reset all coordinates, but it only beeps when I select that and doesn’t seem to do anything. I think I will work towards doing as Ryan said, to just set it where I want it and start from there.

What is the >>100% mean on the initial screen. It can roll to it and change it, but it doesn’t seem to do much for me either? Just curious.

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Reset all coordinates executes this g-code:

G92 X0 Y0 Z0

This code establishes the current position of your router as the origin. Most MPCNC users place the bit in the origin position relative to their stock (as set in the CAM software), and use a G92 to set that position to (0,0,0).

What is the >>100%

While cutting, you can rotate the dial to scale your feedrate.

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It should reset the coords to zero. You wouldn’t notice anything unless you moved it.

You’re a scientist, aren’t you? Build it, then figure out a use case. Single, too…


Science minded, yes. Single, no.


You’re not single, and you don’t have to get a use case from finance/management before beginning implementation? Lucky guy… :wink: