I feel soooooo silly

I saw that people were saying ,you can get a collet for the makita in the shop store. So I looked in lowrider and the mpcnc tab. I could only find the one for the dewalt. So I found a company out of Canada and ordered 2. Then I accidentally pressed the sharp stuff page and the makita collet was the second thing on the screen.

Sometimes I think “Jeremy, I am surprised people think you are capable human being”


I bought some garbage M/F stepper extension wires from ebay, some of which came with broken pins, because I couldn’t find them on the V1 shop. I had to click on “everything” to find them. Dont be hard on yourself!

I also grossly miscalculated my gt2 belt requirements, and only bought enough for ONE SIDE of each axis.

That turned out well though. I was so impatient to get my Burly running that I grabbed a huge qty of belt from Amazon next day, far more than I needed. Couple years later I had enough continuous belt for a large ZenXY v2.


The thing I did before that was when I was printing the LR2 pieces. The notes said “you need about 1.5kg of filament” and my brain went you only need one roll 2.2 per roll

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