I found LOVE on the MPCNC forum!

Sometimes the word literally is overused. I literally found LOVE, right here via a private message. I’m so happy right now:

Vicious Circle CNC
Hi James Donnelly,

LOVE sent you a new message: “Hello dear how are you”

"Hello,its my pleasure to contact you,after going through your profile,i am looking for a honest person,and i think i have found you, you can get me back through my email (EstherSmith2@hotmail.com) as soon as possible ,so that i will tell you better about my self and also send to you picture,please do not reply me here in this site,just write to my email ok.


Damn… She is cheating on me…She sent that message to me first!

AHHH :frowning: what a whore. I thought she thought I was special LOL…

It says she has a check from a Nigerian prince who wants 10,000 MPCNC setups and if you send them you can keep the check.

Well I was pissed off about the slimy spammer until you jokers started this thread…you guys made it worth it!

Marked as spammer should take care of “her”

glad we all found the love

If there was any justice in the world…

  • All spammers would be sent to JAIL
  • And share a cell with someone looking for a date
  • Who had bought penis enlargement pills :open_mouth: