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not yet, I’m waiting to see what kind of travel restrictions are put in place after the vaccine has reached the masses. i feel like states and other countries and possible even airlines are going to start requiring proof of vaccination.

i also am not confident that the vaccine will be effective for as long as people are expecting… every study i have seen says that a persons natural immunity after recovering from the virus is only 3-6 months. i don’t understand how they could create a vaccine that is effective for longer than that. I have also not seen any studies showing that is effective for longer than that. i don’t think most people will want to get 2 shots 4 times a year for long enough to effectively eradicate the virus.

in short, while i think the people will go out and travel after the vaccine hits the main population. i believe this could still result in a large third wave of infections and in response, travel restrictions… but i do think your right, once we get this under control i believe there will be a huge increase in travel, lodging, and recreation.

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Talking virus can quickly spiral out into stress inducing conversation land. But…

The reason the studies show 3-6 months of immunity is because we don’t have much information longer than that. Similar corona viruses are 6 months or so, but more similar sars viruses are much longer. The information I’ve seen about natural immunity to this virus has basically said, “It has been 6 months and we aren’t seeing significant reinfection, so we are saying 6+ months”. Next spring, there will be more news like, “we haven’t seen significant reinfection in 12 months” or “we are seeing significant reinfection after X months”. But if it was 5 years, we won’t have a clue until 5 years has passed.

The vaccine trials just didn’t happen long enough ago to have that data, and the experts are not promising even an inch more than they are sure of, for fear of people taking that too optimistically and running with it.

There is a real concern that the virus will mutate to escape the vaccine, but the mRNA vaccines are targeting the virus in a way that we have not been able to do before. Specifically they target the most effective spike protein and if the virus changes that, it will get past the vaccine, but not be as effective anyway.

Everything has a level of uncertainty, but my best guess is that the vaccine is a technological marvel and we haven’t seen just how good it really is. I imagine the public numbers will start to really drop in the spring and even if they pick up in the summer, the vaccine will turn it into a trickle. At that point, maybe late 2021, there’s no (personal) reason you would need a vaccine, unless the virus mutated enough to need a new version.

I’m excited to get mine. I will book a trip as soon as I get the first shot scheduled. Maybe two trips. It sort of depends on the risks around my kids.

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To answer your question. I’ve never stopped travelling.

It’s a little different. A few more regulations in place depending on where you go. Finding places to eat if you’re with a group has been more difficult. If the place requires masks, you put one on. We’ve noticed the farther you are from big cities, the less some of the requirements are ‘required’.

I only take a few trips each year. The trip we took to Arkansas in August was supposed originally planned for last May. My daughter and I spent 4 days on the Harley. It was her first long trip.

Memorial weekend we’re going to Big Bend. This trip was originally planned for last labor day. It’ll be another long motorcycle ride with friends and family. This one we’re leaving out on a Wednesday and we’ll be getting back to our house the following Tuesday. Depending on some other plans falling through or not, I’ll probably have both my son and daughter with me. They’ll take turns swapping between the back of my bike and the back of my dad’s.

No worries at all. It has just been a very odd weekend of nasty emails, so I might just be a trigger happy to stop things before it happens.

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The studies I am referring to specificly stated 25% of the 300000 people tested showed little to no antibodies after 3 months. Another said antibodies only lasted 1 month. Even the cdc web page says “Some early evidence suggests natural immunity may not last very long.” You are correct that there are a few more recent studies that say it could last longer (I think the longest I have seen said 8+ months). But if you take the average it comes out to between 3 and 6 months. That said I hope the more recent studies are correct and that the vaccine could be effective for a year+ I’m just not banking on it because like you pointed out, we just don’t know, there hasn’t been enough good peer reviewed testing, and I hope it is eradicated before we have a chance to do it.

I hope my respectful disagreement doesn’t make you regret posting about somthing other than robots. I just had to point out that there is some evidence supporting my position. Not just lack of evidence disproving it :slight_smile:


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I belive mine was the other post removed. Also no problem, I have thick skin (drives my wife crazy during arguments) and I sometimes forget not everyone does. So if I say somthing you (or anyone else for that matter) think might get people riled up feel free to remove it. And if I do it too often feel free to send me a pm to settle down :slight_smile: