I know it's come up, but what would u like to see in the LRv3

I think a V3 can be higher in specifications and cost, no?

Maybe use some long leadscrews for X & Y axes, and add a linear rail?
And try to replace the printed parts with laser cut alu part? It is surely more expensive, but more rigid, and fairly affordable, and rather easy to get.

looking at parts I can quickly find, it is not that expensive;
Vevor Hsr20-2000mm Mini Rail Linéaire Guidage Mouvement Rail Glissière – Vevor FR


The LR3 as a jet boat… :thinking:

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Like yhis?


Lol sick!


Lol no. Talking about bandsaw…

When I had a shop I used my lowrider table as my table saw runout table. I had one of those flippy runout stands to bridge the gap.

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Linear rails might solve this… I really only designed this machine to have about a 2-3" usable Z axis, thinking bits longer than 1.5" are very hard to come by. I have a friend that wants one to face slabs as well and I was drawing him up a drop table with 3/4" sheets of MDF as spacers for the smaller stuff.

The issue here is you have to chose what Z distance to make your machine. What happens that one time you want to carve a foam vacuform buck that is 8" tall? Every cut will suffer after for each mm taller you make it that is not making use of that added height. Without the use of cast iron for the gantry we have to choose each dimension carefully. With that said, Maybe I can make a machine where you choose to have a lifting XZ or just Z. I will add it to my notes. Or just git rid of the twist…which for me happens in the carriage much more so than the End plates.

That is the hardest part about all of this. I design a machine I need/want say a 3D printed cnc that can cut 5x5x3 inch piece of wood and maybe dabble in some aluminum…then some dude makes it 8’x12’ and slaps a plasma cutter on it. Or everyone starts making them 4x8 just to cut up sheets of material, so I build a full sheet machine and everyone uses that to start cutting metal with. None of these machines are what I designed them to be. I have to try and evolve and handle the most common use case with the next iteration. I need mine to work with my plasma cutter, so I am going to try and make that happen in the next Lowrider, instead of making a new machine.

I find nothing rude about what you are saying!!! I love to hear constructive feedback. I also want the best machine possible for people that use the crap out of them, like yourself.

This is really getting me pumped to get started on testing some of my ideas. There is a lot to cover if I am going to pull this off.

I am confident I could make room for people to use a ballscrew if they really wanted, there are several ways to drive them. I can not image the cost of buying and shipping to 9’ ballscrews though.


That is the best part, IMO. The way you pave a path through the woods and then everyone stays on it for as long as they like, but we all get to experience the woods. Not just the lumberjacks.

I imagine that is especially important for the small fraction of users that frequent the forums, and less so for the majority of users. But still, having the ability to make your own mistakes is uplifting.

Whether you try to or not, you design these machines to be editable. They are being edited. Design goal achieved. :1st_place_medal:


It’s expensive, but not thát expensive. Before starting to build LR2 I was planning to create my own design, but since being new to CNC I figured… anyways, in my price list I had some suppliers shipping rails (2,4m) for free, and some using local transport for 59€.
If you consider the shipping and import fees from the USA to Europe that’s that’s cheap :smiley:

The main concern would be getting them without being bend :wink:

Can you confirm if I’m understanding this correctly? I think I understand what you are saying but I want to be sure.

Are you saying that the X tubes (and Z tubes) rotate as a unit where the axis of rotation is parallel to X and the movement is parallel to the Y-Z plane? And you’re not saying that the end plates are rotating, but the connection between the end plates and the Z tubes is allowing a small amount of movement?

And your proposal is a set of X tubes (and Z tubes or whatever gantry attachment) that would attach rigidly to the side plates and not move in Z. Then a motor and linear motion system for Z would travel on the X stage. And since the X tubes are fixed to Y, the movement you’re currently seeing would not be possible?

(I’m not arguing the merits, just want to understand.)

I think that’s qhen u build a LRv2. I think the majority of ppl that build this machine cut upto maybe 3inch. I am am also being greedy, I want a new plasma! Lol

My mesa boards are here, I am trying to lay them out right now and buy a metal box to mount them in. I can’t wait to get this plasma going!!!

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Yes. Exactly…
quote=“vicious1, post:33, topic:30149”]
My mesa boards are here, I am trying to lay them out right now and buy a metal box to mount them in. I can’t wait to get this plasma going!!!

Lol I’d say go big. I made the mistake of trying to be compact my first time around.

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Over 2k juat in electronics… prob y I would mind spending the same on hardware lol lots of room for relays and such I have since added for oxyfuel cutting, still havnt completed the homicide sensing though

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I’m working on an upgraded controller for the cnc I’m playing with. Trying to get it all rail mounted. Probably spending way too much. I’m going to embed a lattepanda alpha for running mach4 in the cabinet.

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That’s ohmic sensing I ment lol

hahahaha :rofl:, I got a little nervous. Ohmic makes much more sense.