I Made a Box, Woo Hoo!

My new, and first ever, CNC has been idle while I worked on another project. I decided to take my first baby step.

Modeled and manufactured in Fusion 360.

The CAM was the challenging part. I kept decreasing the model complexity until I had something that simulated correctly with my limited understanding of CAM.

I broke my only roughing end mill when I cut into the hardened steel lag bolt that was holding the stock down. More bits on order.

I used an old wood router bit on this one. It worked, sort of. Lots of out of tolerance cuts and burned stock. Even so, I was like a kid on Christmas morning watching it cut.

Back when I assembled my MPCNC I milled the V1 logo gCode Ryan posted. It came out nice so I know the machine can cut wood much more accurately than this.

Iā€™m going to dig into the gCode for the V1 logo to see what speeds and steps Ryan used. That and more time at YTU (YouTube University) should do it.


Lightly toasted is a nice effect. You can tell people you did that on purpose. By using the cutting bit you saved a step with the torch.