I made another MP3DP.....kinda

I personally like MP3DP II. It has the same ring as MPCNC.


What about E3DP, Easy 3D Printer

Vicious 3D Printer? Vicious Print?

Vicious Prusa?

MP4DP? :slight_smile:

Vicious 1 Version 2? V1V2? Viv2?

Hopefully this means you’re close. I am ready to work on my 3D printers.

Hmm. I just feel MP3DP is hard to remember, the only way I remember is I know what it stands for then abbreviate it in my head. I am not against that just seems like there has to be an easier name.

I only have a few screws left in the assembly all the edits have been made. I guess I can do a render and that will give me a few hours.

V1V2 is kinda funny

Might have to save that for the next cnc V1v2 CNC…


I added a base with screw holes, gunna have to call it the HeffePlateV2. See Dammit that was easy.

“DIY 3D Printer” and catch all those google hits


“BuyAPrusa 3D printer” HAHAHA


“Spiffy 3D Printer”?

“D.A.N.G. 3D printer” Dude Another New Gadget

D.a.n.g but you’re having fun coming up with names… :slight_smile:

I really like the ‘MP’ portion of the name, because it ties in the MPCNC as a family member … and it is Mostly Printed. Maybe “MP DIY 3D Printer V1v2”, though you’d likely have to make it bigger so you could etch it into the top rail…

Makes sense. I like that logic, but if we come up with a new naming scheme I will have to update all the other machines so we can name them as well. :wink:


Can’t afford a Prusa 3d Printer.

Now we’re talking.



BTW, mine has moved to its new home in the kitchen, freeing up the coffee table in the living room. I’ve printed three or four things since the move and they’re coming out close to perfect. Time to print the new one?

It is done, I am working on the page right now, https://www.v1engineering.com/projects/project-3d-printer/

As I start exporting the new STL’s I might rename a few and I will have the BOM updating slowly as usual…The worst part is the BOM and instructions but I think I have some easy pics and renders to help this time.

[attachment file=50884]

I’m so excited. Just peed myself a little.

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