I made on in the Netherlands. Loving it

Damn this is a cool machine.

Had some filament and some spare parts and steppers with a ramps. Came across V1 Engineering and boom a cnc machine.

It was almost straight out of the box some tiny adjustments and bang on.


What an awesome design! thanks man

Nice drawings. I like that right angle guide too. Are you planning on installing a dw660 now that you know you love it? I wasn’t around when Ryan was messing with the dremels, but I think they have a lot of runout.

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High five, cool build!

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Well the machine is still in my living room and I’m searching for a good place to put it where it can run more neighbour friendly :wink:

But I’m planning on installing my makita rt0700 on it. Just waiting on some collets to arrive and thinking about the best solution for dust collection.

But for now my dremel helps me alot with the steep learning curve of figuring out the speeds and feeds. And yes the dremel is a bit underpowered especially at lower rpm. I’m learning alot about the mpcnc I build.

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The best part!

So an update on my mpcnc.

I really love this machine. Man what a cool tool to have.

The Dremel 395 is still on and IT really will not die amazing. In the mean time some carbide endmills did arrive and they made work much easier. Those 1 flutes are awesome. Running a 2mm diameter 1 flute downcut in the dremel on stand 4 (around 18000 manual says) with 3mm depth at 10mm/s in oak LIKE BUTTER. One thing to be down about is that the v-bit from dremel itself is not that of a v-bit. That thing sucks so waiting for the carbide ones to arrive.

Some pica’s for stuff I made with the awesome tool V1 provided for me.

Awesome job V1!


Amazing work!


Thank you for the niceties.

That map is awesome.

Thanks guys.

That map was a really nice way to get the machine (and my living room) dirty.

Some flaws but he it was mdf to start with.

Now waiting for the oak slab to dry and got my truth v-bits in today