I need some suggestions here, impersonation?

I have been informed this person is calling people threatening to sue them over violation his patented design…recognize those pictures?

What the… Is this the same guy that you mentioned was violating your license recently?

Looks like he pulled them after reading your comments. Instagram anyway…

I have been notifying everyone he stole pictures from, most of us have filed violations and IG pulls them within a few minutes.

I am not going to let this go, he has denied to prove he owns this but has demanded the other party meet him in person to give him money…Super sketchy and I want no part of this kind of crap. We will see where this goes I have contacted a few different people and that Russian site as well, but the language barrier is probably going to get in the way until I issue a DMCA.

Olx is a service of private advetisments. It operates in my country, in Kazakhstan (from where this guy is) and i heard in USA too. Try to check contacts on olx.com

Also you may try to champlain to Instagram support.

And send him message via Instagram.

"Дорогой друг!

Вы производите и продаете станки mpcnc. Конструкция станка является интеллектуальной собственностью, принадлежащей v1engineering.com. Вы нарушаете авторское право.

Пожалуйста прекратите это делать и удалите Ваши объявления.

Заранее спасибо"

That means "dear friend. You produce and sell mpcnc machines. The construction of the cnc is intellectuall property that belongs to v1engineering.com. you are violate intellectual rights law. Please stop doing this and remove your advertisements.

Thanks in advance"


On the olx owner of the advetisments is Maria. Her number is:[attachment file=97234]

Yea, “Maria”.

I wish it wasn’t so but I don’t think you will get much justice from him stealing your design. I went to Ukraine back in 04 and the blatant copyright and patent infringement was incredible (current movies in theaters in the US were available on dvd with bonus features for about $3 US. Fake Levi’s for $5, real Levi’s were about $120-$150). I can’t imagine it would be any better now that Vladimir is Donald’s hero. I can understand your frustration with him trying to attach an obvious scam to your design but that is a full industry over there.


It’s called DTDS for a reason. Please refrain from politics in this forum. It’s not the place for it.

Don’t let on them Ryan. As much as possible anyway.

Thank you Guffy.


I am mostly worried about this person trying to extort money face to face or worse.


What the hell is dtds?

I have registered on olx.kz and sent her a message. lets wait for answer

[attachment file=97342]

by the way. i don’t want to teach you, but… :slight_smile:
imho, Ryan, it would be best if you will add warning on home page and on first page of each project that you strictly do not allow to sell kits or cnc as a business.
may be it’s a time to make it.
and, may be, add additional page (if you ok to you) with some kind of rules of cooperation like licensing, royalty, franchising, etc.

Trump Derangement Syndrome

I want to apologize for hijacking the thread. I hope this is the last post about this topic. Thank you.
It will be from me.

I think something like this could be done tastefully. I know in the past there have been bad actors that even drove traffic here for support. So maybe a note to those customers to contact you if they purchased plastic parts from elsewhere to report it to you. I’m not sure how big you think this problem is. The first few sentences on a webpage are prime real estate and should probably reflect your priorities.

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I think just linking this page in the first few lines on each project should work? Maybe include the license symbol?


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Ryan, letting you know in advance that I am stealing your idea for my own site :stuck_out_tongue:
seriously, I really am.

Ok, I took your wording of the license and applied it to my site.
I made a few changes to the wording. So not exactly the same.

I am thinking that putting in the footer of every page should suffice.
I put it at the top of my index page, but I am going to add it to the footer so that it appears on every page I create.
That’s where the copywrite is, so, should be efficient?

have not uploaded it yet