I still can not get the right size cut parts

I tried importing the file in mm. into ESTL cam And then into Repetier host and got the G code but the size is too large. Holes don’t fit and everything is larger than it should be shall I resize everything? and if yes by what percentage? Or is there a different file than the one which is in the zip file I downloaded? Help please.

I replied to your other thread with the same question. Import it in MM when it asks by default, if it doesn’t ask you need to change it to import in mm.

Ryan Thanks anyway. I tried and none worked. So finally I tried resizing them down to %80 then everything lined up properly. I don’t know what is wrong with my Estlcam software. I have it import in MM. by default. but still got a larger size. But now, the job is done and I’m happy. thank you for the help.