I still can't get "drop table" outta my head

… as well as EMT conduit tables.

And the 525 roller piece is too much fun to play with, so I made this clamp:

to be uploaded soon is a bearing bracket that will hold a 608 bearing in the middle of the roller piece. The hole in the middle clears a NEMA17 stepper and 608 bearing. Woohoo!

This should let me use foot-long 3/4 EMTs as legs and big flat MDF as base, the machine be its own table, and then install a leadscrew (or 5/16 allthread wtf) at each corner. Then come attachments to support a full size drop table supported from 4 corners meaning I should be able to use something more hefty. Of course the 4 steppers driving them would be run in series, maybe with some multiplexing tricks to allow driving only one of them at a time to facilitate leveling.

Next is a version to mount a stepper perpendicular to the conduit.

mmm. Smells like fun.

Can’t wait to see it in action.

The arm meant for plan A. Thoughts?

It’s just an OpenSCAD script. Would they line up correctly for sizes F and J? I only deal in 3/4 EMTs.

@Ryan what is the center to center distance of the two Z rails for all sizes? Inspecting the size C STLs give me 67-67.5mm, but I can’t be sure.

For plan B I’m deciding whether I should remix the standard XYZ plate like the guy did or design a new piece to be bolted between two XYZ plates.

I’m not sure what you are going for here but if you want something to fit all three is is best to pick one and incorporate the tool mount.

I’m optionally going for a version of this using your standard pieces. My so-called plan B.

This measurement will also let me build a fixed (no stepper) Z axis that I just bolt in place when I install a drop table.