I think I have my MP3DP calibrated now...

So I spent a week trying to figure out how to stop gears from fusing to the outer wall and I think I finally have it all figured out. I printed out this planetary gear last night and it came out perfect! Just a slight bit of force to break the gears and it’s spinning smoothly. I’m really amazed at this printer and how high of quality you can get with it!

Care to share any build logs / calibration tips you have? :smiley: that’s a great looking print!

A few things…

  1. Try to use the lowest temp while still being able to keep base layer stuck to your board. I kept lowering my extruder temp and raising my bed temp
  2. Slic3r vs Cura - Cura was WAAAY faster, but my gears kept fusing with the walls of the gear. Switched back to Slic3r and got much nicer prints. Might just need to slow down Cura…not sure
  3. Infill vs Perimeter order. I feel like doing the infill first and then perimeters makes for cleaner prints.

I had some issues when i first built my mpcnc printer. First was the extruder i bought from ebay. part for part identical to the ones ryan sells. but mine came down to having a bad nozzle. I got that sorted and it started to print a lot better, but not anywhere near usable yet. layers werent fusing right, infill was pushing through the perimeters… I moved away from cura. found mattercontrol from matter hackers and i haven’t looked back. best prints so far. Cura is great for some of the name brand printers out there, but matter control produces a much better part, even if i use the cura engine in matter control i still have better results. im going to try out simplify 3d in the next week or so, once im done printing another mpcnc, and ill let you know how it turns out.