I thought there was a machine for this

This 1 guy is doing this just amazing

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They’re paying him in “special” gummies… :crazy_face:

Of course, if it were me, I’d insist on Gummyception

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I remember in elementary school making a huge drawing. We were given a huge piece of paper and taught how to make a scale drawing. Mine was a gameboy, scaled up to be 4’ tall or so. It was very fun.


Yeah, that’s awesome especially being able to visualize the full image when you are only a few feet away from the section you are currently working on.

I’ve tried doing some larger drawings (couple feet) like Jeff but some area always came out distorted/off scale. Lol. I probably need more practice. :grin:

I know the artist that did this mural that some of you may have seen in a SuperBowl add a few years back.

It was 90’ and took about 6 weeks. I think he had a helper so not solo like the Haribo artist but it’s still really impressive.


Resume must include:
Able to hang on ropes on the sides of tall buildings
Can assemble gantries that won’t fall down
Can tell the difference between green and blue

A friend of mine does these in Toronto Canada. Seeing behind the curtain does not spoil the magic.


These seem to be higher resolution than the machine, but less cool automation.