I want to add fans on the stepper motors with ramps 1.4

I wanted to add fans to the x1, x2, y1, y2, and possibly the z axis also to keep the stepper motors cooler. They are about 40mm fans that I have also used for my ender 3. My current board is a ramps 1.4 running the dual endstop firmware downloaded from the v1 github. The power supply is the recommended camera or laptop style power brick. I wanted to know if that power supply would be enough to run the 4-5 fans on top of the board. Also, I assume that I would need to modify the firmware since I cant detect a voltage on the power for the hotbed, fan, and hotend. I was thinking I could use those and have 2 fans per slot or all on the fan or something but I don’t know much about the details so any help is greatly appreciated.