I want to have a 15 inch by 15 inch cutting area. How long of conduit tubing do I need

How long of conduit do I need for the rails, and should I go for the 23.5? Where can I get conduit tubing at exact lengths?

Use the calculator, from the docs… here is a Link
The conduit will work fine for that size. Also most big box hardware stores will cut the EMT conduit for you to length.

thank you. Would you expect a home depot or Lowes to have what I’m looking for, and be able to cut the conduit precisely?

The MPCNC can be built from 3/4" EMT conduit or 1" steel tubing. The conduit is measured from the inside, so its external dimensions will be around 23.5 mm. Both Lowes and Home Depot carry this conduit, but not the steel tubing. There can be a big difference in the zinc finish between different batches of conduit, some rough and some smooth, so if you are not in a hurry, you can shop at a couple of different stores.

I highly doubt that Lowes or Home depot can precisely cut the conduit. Fortunately from what I’ve seen, the build can handle some differences in length. You will just have a bit of pipe sticking out that you might not otherwise have. In my opinion, the one length that is really nice to get the same length is the legs.

If your conduit is rough, it can be sanded. I used a palm sander, and wore a face mask. I’m not sure sanding makes a whole lot of functional difference, but it did my soul good to see the difference between the initial rough sliding on the un-sanded pipe and the silky smooth sliding after sanding.

I’m not sure what kind of end finish the pipes will have when cut at the store. Back when I was building my Burly, Ryan recommended a conduit reaming tool to finish the ends. I thought is was pricy (more than I paid for my pipe), but I was impressed with the finish on the ends of the pipes after using it. This is the conduit reamer I purchased.

More information than you asked for.

thank you

Conduit yes cut precisely probably not

Pick up a tube cutter from the plumbing section. They can cut conduit. That will get you close enough.