ideaMaker New Texture Feature

I share it because I found it surprising. I was completely unaware of this software. I think this new extension to add custom textures to our pieces can be very useful for decorative pieces, and from what I have seen it is very simple to apply.

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I really want this functionality, but I’m not sure I want to use a different slicer to get it. I’ve been tempted to invest in learning Blender just to get this functionality. In looking at info on the web about ideaMaker, I found “free to download,” and “there is a free version.” But I couldn’t find the cost of the paid version, nor if the functionality in the video is included in the free version. Any idea?

Hi Robert,

This functionality is included in the free version. I’m not very happy to be changing slicing software either, but I’m going to give it a try. I also didn’t notice that there was a paid version (I don’t see it on the web) nor do I know what advantages/limitations there are between the paid and free version.

I don’t know if there is a paid version, just the wording above. Usually when there is a “paid” of some sort, the wording is “free to download,” not “free.” Plus one review said, “there is a free version,” implying there is a paid version as well.

I just found out about this software through a youtube channel I follow, and apparently the system for making supports is quite good, so I’m going to try it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Makers Muse just released a video on this IdeaMaker feature. He shows some issues with the texture feature, and how to work around them.

After you posted, I also found a video using another free tool: SculptGL to apply textures to models. I spend a couple hours playing with it. Applying textures is a bit kludgy and imprecise, but it is more flexible than the IdeaMaker slicer solution and it makes changes to the model, not just the g-code.

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Hi Robert,

I haven’t spent any time on ideaMaker yet, I just downloaded a profile for my Ender 3 and printed a Benchy, and the result was pretty good, so it’s promising.

SculptGL, I liked the video, interesting to learn more if you want to be more detailed when applying textures.

thank you

CNC Kitchen just release a video on using the IdeaMaker’s pattern feature to add stiffness to thin-walled parts. A very interesting use for this feature.


I loved the video, when CNC Kitchen examines something he makes an exhaustive study in great detail.

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