If you water them they grow!

That’s huge!

Well, I officially put holes in the new spoilboard!

Barry, did you use a standard punch down tool to get the stepper motor wire into the keystone jacks or something else? I tried to do something similar but am having issues getting a good electrical connection…

The first time I used one of the cheap plastic punch down tools that come with the packs of leviton keystones you get at home depot. I just rewired my steppers to serial Monday and used my regular metal punch down tool. Just have to be careful that it doesn’t cut the wire. I held the keystones in my hand and pushed the wire in with the tool, didn’t let the spring collapse at all, if that makes sense.

you dont have to use up 2 pins for one wire, you could be using those extra wires for end stops or fans. cat6 is plenty of copper for stepper wires.