Ignore this, I'm testing web links...

This is another wordpress site, no window.


Okay, so it looks like links within this forum does the weird auto preview window thing, but external links do not.

Your getting it only with the first one right?
and still only in the forum? It has to be the css in either buddypress or bbress. I will dig for some answers.

Getting somewhere, it has to do with lazyloading. I’ll see if I can turn it off for forum links if not I think I can skip lazy loading in the forum.

Okay I “fixed” it…but did it kill anything else. It was the option to auto embed pics/videos/link in the bbpress forums.

It was there but not showing in firefox, so chrome was doing it correctly I think and firefox as ignoring it.

Hey! I can see everything again. I’ll go check the other forum posts and see.

Looks good on the other threads!

I don’t know what is up with that first link bu the rest seem to work now.


well, never mind I was wrong…

try this again

Hahahahaha!! Damn forum software!

font awesome


font awesome