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That is nuts.

What a maniac! That’s ridiculous. I love it, especially those sideways cuts.

I’m curious about the CAM setup. I hadn’t looked, I assumed there wasn’t a simple setup for CAM with a disc cutter like that but perhaps it’s not so strange after all. It would be pretty awesome to turn 1/4" HSS blanks into custom form tools with a CNC grinder. Or maybe a tile saw (or whatever appropriate wheel) to grind a sculpture out of stone.

Slick, and it looks like he had some fun testing it out. You need to try out some grinder patterns Jamie.


I’m actually sitting here with my mouth open…

Does Health and Safety exist in the US?


Not in our own home we inflict grievous injuries to ourselves then blame others


At your employer’s building yes. We’re generally free to do whatever cockamamie crap we want to in our homes, though.

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Lol, i can’t believe there isn’t a warning not to strap that saw onto a cnc somewhere on the box. Maybe next year…

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Didn’t you watch the first minute of the video? He pitches the instructions and safety warnings as irrelevant.

I will let our healthcare system, firearm accidents, and COVID-19 statistics speak for themselves.


I believe politics are frowned upon on the board as is religion. Therefore I will say nothing about the wonders of ‘socialised’ medicine, our general lack of firearms incidents, however our Covid-19 stats are appalling. I will comment no further so as not to cause offence.


A hopefully politics-free, layman’s answer to @rwillett’s question.

In the US, we have the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). They are primarily concerned with commercial workplace safety. As I understand things, folks setting up their own work spaces (and not hiring employees) are expected to use their own best judgement. If this workshop is in a building covered by homeowners insurance, there may be provisions (or exclusions) in the policy defining what is or is not covered should there be a “loss” (accident or incident).

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*giggle* *snort* :rofl: :sob:

Not gonna argue with you assessment. I intentionally did not use the term “common sense.”

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I don’t blame you. It isn’t as common as it should be. :astonished:

This makes me think of something I heard recently…

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

But don’t get me wrong, a circular saw connected to a CNC, Awesome! :metal:

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This is crazy… and awesome… and for some of those carves, it’s WAY faster than a router based CNC would be.

Sometimes K just can’t help himself…

Ok, that guy’s my new hero…

Me too. It acts like a 1/8" bit one way, and a 6" round over the other! It would be really hard to just do the CAD for that though. Better would be to make the transformation in your mind, at least for the fun patterns, and just CAM up against a sine wave or something.

This is sooooooo dangerous…for me!

I’m suddenly imagining the possibilities of an angle grinder strapped to my Lowrider.

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I was thinking chain saw but I think that may have been done?or

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