I'm back on deck

Hi Guys,

I have been away for a bit and need a little help, I was mostly done printing the parts for my M.P.C.N.C. and I was not at all thrilled with the quality of the PLA parts, they were just average. So I stopped and retooled my AnetA8. Aluminum frame replaced the H bed & Barings Added a Bow-den and built an enclosure & a LCD display just because. Now she’s printing well with ABS. I’m still going to use the PLA parts maybe, just replace them over time. OK so here is the issue, during the down time I started to think A C.N.C. machine for me might not be the best fit. I live in Fl. And it would have to live in my garage. It’s hot out there I don’t think I’d use it much. I started seeing all these videos on LASER engravers & cutters. I’m hooked. I can build an enclosure and vent it and keep in my printer room.

I have ordered a very nice true 10 watt laser from endurance lasers and I have ordered the parts kit from V1 Engineering, and a Ramps 1.4 board and display as well as the 8825 drivers the ramps board came with a4988 drivers? I do not know if that matters I think it depends on the motors? Thanks guys, sorry if I put too much info in here, in the past the internet Nazis have given me the 3rd degree, you know a list of things I should have added but did not. I’m sure we have all suffered from that. Funny thing is those guys never have any helpful answers. Thanks in advance!

The a4988s are fine. Should be a fun build. To get max cutting from your laser, you’ll want to figure out ait assist. David (4 linux) used a pump for an air matress and had very good results cutting with even a 2.5W laser. Getting the smoke away from the beam helps the fire I guess.

Thanks man, I got the 8825 drivers on Amazon $10.00 bucks for 5 from king print, so what the hell. the laser has a air assist nozzle on it and I’m getting a pump. first i have to finish the printing, cut the pipes load the S.W. wire it up build the enclosure build the table & work out the venting. I’m so happy!

Heffe - I always thought it was an aquarium airpump. I just pit one by my machine to hook up this week and see what kind of cut success I might have. I’ll let you know if it works.

Tony - mine’s only a 2.8w and almost immediately when I got it running I wished I had a 40 :wink:

Hello Kelly,

I understand what you’re saying. I can tell you that I did a ton of research before I made my jump.

I purchased my 10 watt laser from Endurance Laser. And it cost more than a Chinese k40 laser.

Please understand that everything in life is a compromise. The one common denominator with the K40 users where the constant complaints. Either the C02 tube failed or degraded, the optics came miss aliened or burnt do to dust. The small work area or the need for extensive upgrades out of the box to make it usable. Add to that the USB “dongle” needed if you don’t have the upgraded controller. And it turns out there not a good fit for me. The user groups are almost entirely “here is how I over came that”. With zero support from the manufacture, with the exception of a few people commenting on how they “won” an argument and got there unit returned or replaced. I do wish I could cut clear acrylic or engrave on clear glass without paint, but everything is as I said a compromise. There is a very nice 50 watt unit made by Orion Motor Tech. but the price point on that with a water chiller is about $2300.00 I know there are no easy answers my friend! But don’t feel bad, each has its draw backs.