I'm tired... I quit...

So, from Nov 2018 till now I ve been messing with MPCNC. Throughout that time I rebuilt it 5 times and made major advances not less than 5 times. And today after all done I see that it makes big jerks with it’s head when working along X (longer pipe is moving perpendicularily to it’s length).
I am really tired of constant problems, nuances and WTFs with this design. I don’t want do mess with it anymore. I quit and will build SBR-based machine.

Sorry to hear that. Best of luck with whatever you choose next, feel free to stop by and share any tips you might learn along the way.

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Thank you

I designed my own and took Ryan’s carriages as basis for X axis. Other axis will be based on SBR.

So I started printing and now I am slicing with Prusa Slicer. I advise this one for many reasons and the biggest reason is an option to choose stars pattern on infill. It’s super strong.

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