Im working on a DW660 mount for the Low Rider

While Im waiting on my low rider parts to print Ive decided to learn Tinkercad and figured I’d make a DW660 bracket for the low rider.


I used Ryan’s mounts for the MPCNC and did a little extra to them.

You will only have to drill one more hole in the 611 plate, I wanted to try and use the same one.

Im not sure how well it will work, I think it should be pretty rigid when it all goes together.

Im hoping you can mount the DW660 to the bracket and then lower the whole assembly down onto the 611 plate and bolt it to it.


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That’s cool!

That looks like a lot more than a 660 mount. That would mount a ton of stuff that was mounted to the MPCNC…

Oh, nice. Then the LowRider wouldn’t need any special mounts it could use the MPCNC mounts, for stuff that fits through the hole at least. Cool.

This is true as long as it is stable, I believe the extra tab on the front of the lower dw660 mount that will bolt down the other side will be crucial to the rigidity of the spindle otherwise I believe the plastic will flex too much when a heavy load is put on the bit. Plus, like Ryan says stuff has to fit through the hole.

It would be best to redesign a whole new 611 plate for the MPCNC tool holder, then you could make sure most things fit.

Now I gotta figure out a dust collection system.

I don’t know why I didn’t post the STL for this. But it might work for you.

w.r.t. stability: You’re right, if you’re talking about some of the other router mounts. But if you’re talking about the laser, or a 3D print head, it might be rigid enough without that. That’s also assuming it would fit through the hole.

It wont quite fit in there with how it is designed now, if I redesigned it to use a modified 611 plate it would work though.


It could go on the other side of the tube where the other motor mount is but Im not sure if it will be too far away to get chips.

I wonder…if we took two 611 plates milled air channels in them mirrored, sandwich them together and attach like your part on the other motor side, if we could get 360 dust collection, closer to the source of the chip, might even be better than the 611 dust collection…


If this makes no sense, “I’ll be back” with a drawing.

Oh, it won’t fit because the extra room that the dust collector takes is also the same room that the mount uses.

If you used two plates, that would be huge, right? You’re talking about mounting two plates side-by-side? Why not just make the plate a little larger? I’m guessing making it any larger will remove a little bit of work area. You might only need an inch…

Looking closer at your mock-up… Two of the rollers (Y 611 and Y611M) have little notches cut out to get the router to fit. Your mock up doesn’t have those notches. That would let you move it maybe 1cm closer to that side.

At some point, I suggested that these rollers have those notches cut on all 4 corners, which would make fitting anything easier, and fewer unique parts.


I just installed two belts on my LowRider and I can cut faster and it is more accurate…Working on my first official “mod” as larger belts, pulleys, and idlers are stupid expensive compared to dual gt2.

The dual layer vac channel might just work. It could actually be pretty cool. Combo of Heffe’s vac port and another layer might just work. I use 1/4" for the base plate so my vac port is actually wide open I keep sucking up the cutouts from the LowRider parts. But the dual layer thing still might be cool to do. Another fun “Mod”

Oh, you mean having two plates, but one on top of the other, not side-by-side. With the channels running in between the two sandwhiched boards. That makes more sense. As long as you didn’t glue them, I would think you’d get clogs occasionally. Maybe if there was a way to mount it so you could remove it without taking apart the whole thing, maybe with magnets? That wouldn’t solve the problem of the limited area on the top of the plate though.


Right, kind if like the attached picture, I see a few things I would change now though.


Maybe you could have the top plate be the only one that holds the router and other stuff in with counter sunk holes and the bottom plate attaches through different holes.


I should be done with my low rider build today, gotta get home and work on it.


Doubling the belt eh? Interesting, any different printed parts?






That’s what the second motor mount holes in the plate is for. Print a second motor mount, add a second stepper and wore them in series.

No I used two belt just doubled up on my table axis (Y for me), no new parts. It drastically reduced stretching when moving faster.

Can you share a pic? I’m not getting how you did that.

Let me get out the days orders and I can take some pictures as I mill out some more lowrider flat sets.