Impact drivers

Hey everyone,

At work we are starting to use our impact driver a lot more for tightening bolts with locknuts. Most of them get tightened to 60 foot pounds which is just out of reach of our current little 10.8v Bosch impact driver. Also, we use it so much that we are roasting the poor little thing and have to give it breaks, usually because we get tired of holding it when its so hot.

Does anyone have an impact driver that they really like? The owner usually sticks to Bosch, but if there is something comparable that comes highly recommended for less $ or the same price with more features I could probably talk him into it.

This is the Bosch one that I chose if we have to stick to Bosch. We have no need for a carrying case of any sort.

Check out the milwaukee m18 fuel impact drivers, or even the m12 fuel if you want something light weight that packs a major punch. I love the new fuel brushless drivers