Improving Cut Quality

I have been doing some simple cuts/pockets with Estlcam and got some decent results. As you can see I the attached picture I found two issues.

First, the base of the pocket is not getting completely cleared. I am using a 1/8 straight flush bit with 80% stepover. Should I change that number or try something else. Most of the pocket is cleaned out so I am not sure why part of it is not.

Second, there is some unevenness around some curves, especially the inside edge. Is the machine skipping or getting too much uncleared material? Is it running too fast or slow? Again, most of the curves are good, it’s just a couple small sections.

There are some frayed parts but I have not sanded yet and will look good when it’s done.

For roughing you should do less than 50% step over, I do 45%. Finishing 5-20%.

If the step over doesn’t clear up the other issues uncheck the smooth arcs or whatever is says box in estlcam. I don’t think it is a good option for us but have not tested it yet. I leave it unchecked now.

Thanks, those changes improved things a lot. I am still having the issue with part of the bottom of the lamda getting chewed into. On my last test cut it happened on both feet. What is causing this? I am not seeing that issue anywhere else in the final parts.

Well lets see the after.

Ok, here is the updated picture.