Inconsistent Cuts Part 2

I don’t want to hijack gbiski thread in case the issues are not related…

I’m getting weird cuts on a 4"x4" coaster I tried printing. The last issue I had was related to the pineapple not being tight on the stepper shaft and it would plunge at a diff heights when outlining a letter.

The picture shows the issue I’m having now. Bottom is fine, middle you can see on the left of the ‘l’ is sliced in, and lastly the ‘cl’ on the top picture is just a mess. The cut is 1.5 deep, with 3 passes of .5mm.

I have ruled out the following:

  • it’s not the gcode (unless it’s the F2100 that we are seeing) because it prints fine 50% of the time.
  • speed in estlcam is 15mm/sec (xy) and 5mm/sec for z - I also set the feed rate multiplier to 70% to cut even slower.
  • position on the table has no bearing on a failed print.
  • I printed more then 50 coasters of a diff design with zero failures.
  • belts are fine, no missing teeth.
  1. Did you buy everything from here? YES and have not touched any firmware,ramps, etc. (Worked right out of the gate)
    a)If you didn’t or changed some things please don’t leave out any details and include what firmware you flashed.

  2. Are you using end stops? NO.
    a)If so please disconnect them.

  3. Mac or PC? PC

  4. Include a picture so obvious errors might be spotted. Attached

I did tighten the belts 2 clicks each per side, and started another print to rule out a loose belt issue.

Thoughts? ideas?


Dull bit? If you have used the same exact gcode for 50 successful cuts and nothing has changed that is the only thing that could be wrong I think?