Increase range of bit


Is there any tested and reliable way to make the bit being able to reach further down into the material?

As of now, I have the Katsu-router mounted in its original holder on the 6mm MDF-plate.

I have still some usable flute length that doesn’t reach the material due to the MDF and the screws that holds every part on the plate.

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

/ Oskar

  1. Swap out your screws for flat head screws
  2. Buy longer bits. Ryan has some long ones in his store. Otherwise drillman01 on eBay has great product.
  3. Change the 611 plate to aluminum and reduce thickness
  4. Use a different router mount. I actually use a spindle mount from Amazon which holes onto the body and lets the nut stick out the bottom of the plate.

Use the 1/4" collet that you have to hold the extender. It holds an ER20 collet, so you can get whatever you need for your bits there (For example 1/8")

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Great advice! Thank you!

Which spindle mount from Amazon do u use? I have that Makita clone router. :slight_smile:

EDIT: I stalked you a bit and found the link you shared in another post:

A bit pricey… Might be worth it tho, considering the router extender also cost some money…

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Super cool! Thank you! Do you think the accuracy of the cut will take a hit with that extender?

You can also try 1/4 bits. They tend to have a longer shank and have a lot less deflection issues when sticking out farther.

I don’t have personal experience with the extender but I would suspect you would see some deflection with that. Also you might have some runout depending on the quality.