Increasing feed rate between cuts in Estlcam (or Repetier)

Is there a setting or someway to increase the move rate when going from cut to cut. I finally got my MPCNC up and running but am noticing that with my slow feed rate there is a lot of time spent moving from cut to cut. I am just wondering if there is an easy way to increase the rate of those moves versus the actual cutting moves.

Hi, I don’t think so, i think it could be a good option to add to Estlcam. At the beginning I edited my gcode to do that but it is not a good solution, i wasted time so now i prefer launch the job on my vicious and wait :slight_smile:

Try putting a reasonable value in this box.

@vicious1 Thanks !! i put my maximum Z speed and works go really faster (travel speed not as slow as working speed), if it could be separate for XY and Z it would be perfect but for the moment I’m Happy !!

Awesome. Yeah hopefully we can get an update to input separate values, I am not sure why the firmware doesn’t seem to be limiting it correctly. I need to test that when I get a chance. I usually run my rapids pretty slow so I didn’t notice it for a few months.

Thanks vicious,

I just found that and was going to post it so thanks for confirming my thought. If I understand the value correctly I multiply the desired mm/s by 60 to get the feed rate. (20 mm/s x 60 = 1200).

Didier, I just opened my G code in notepad, searched for 1200, and replaced my Z only moves with a different value to get XY moves at a different rapid rate than the Z moves. Took me all of 2 minutes to go through my program and do this. Was actually pretty easy.

@RAGII Thanks, I was thinking to do that but my idea is to avoid to edit gcode, for serial works or moments when you just want to click and play :slight_smile: Actually you are right this is the way (for those who want to do that check the box “repeat” under F section). But my travel moves are 2700mm/min (45mm/s) (my Z max speed) and it is quite good for this moment. And so you are right for the value to write, it is mm/min.