Infill and Shells using S3D

Slowly collecting non-printable parts from around the globe (mostly China) and made a start on the printed parts. Just checking in to see if my S3d profile might need some tweaking.

Only printed the feet so far and came out very clean, no lift, no defects. I basically used my default PLA profile in S3D, but upped the infill. Don’t think I ever used so much infill before :slight_smile: 35% using Fast Honeycomb. Also using my default 3 outer shells (top, bottom and wall), 0.2mm layer height and 0.48 layer width.
Printed in Black PLA (cheapass excelvan that I still had laying about), each foot took 3hrs and weighed in at just under 40g. I assume this is more than expected/described weight due to using 3 shells and maybe the Fast Honeycomb is using more plastic…?!

What are others using for infill style, % and how many shells?
Is it worth increasing layer height, changing infill or reducing shells to save some time and plastic? or does this cost in other ways like strength?



Pla can get away with 3 shells. I mostly just use grid infill. It prints faster. Triangles work well too. On my old printer I used .3mm layers, new one .2mm is my “low quality” setting.

I did 3 shells with triangle infill. Working away just fine. I suspect your dimensional accuracy has way more of an effect on how the machine actually functions.