Initial movement test

I’m new to CNC and this forum. I just finished building a lowrider2 machine after purchasing the parts bundle with a mini-Rambo controller and LCD display from V1. I followed the instructions on installing the Arduino IDE and even loaded Marlin (which was probably already loaded). My question is now what? How do I: 1) test the stepper motor movement and 2) use the LCD to manually move the head. I looked at some tutorial videos and I see there are menus on the LCD that you can choose and then use the knob to control. How do I get these menus or make selections? Sorry for the newbie question, but I’ve been looking for answers for days and I’m not finding any…



Sorry… I now realize that the knob can both be turned and pushed… this solves my initial movement test problem.

That does it. Now that you can move things around go ahead and do some specific moves so you can verify everything moves in the directions it should and that it moves the right distance. Next step after that is to strap a pen on and draw the crown from Ryan’s code, then create your own code for the crown and draw it again. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I am trying to drive the router from a Linux laptop. It boots into LinuxCNC or Ubuntu. I couldn’t get Repetier to run in LinuxCNC but it is running in Ubuntu. I can move the axis with the manual control and they move in the right direction. I’ll look for the crown program (gcode?) which I assume I can load and execute in Repetier.