Initial Z movement ?


Almost done putting my MPCNC together.

But when I start a gcode-job, it starts by moving the Z-axis a few cm up ?

After it is moved up, it moves up and down according to the clearance specified in the file.

I can not find the command in the gcode that would do this.

I have tried different combinations of software.

Any thoughts ?

(In the attached file I would expect an initial movement of 1cm up, and then 1.1 cm down later. Instead it moves 3cm up, and then 1.1cm down and up, and finally stops 3cm up)

abc.gcode_.txt (4.97 KB)

What program did you use to create that gcode? Check your clearance plane setting, It is a good option to have enabled so the tip does not drag across anything. Is it causing you issues?

Thanks for the quick reply ! :slight_smile:

I have tried with Easel and F-engrave, same result. The attached is from F-engrave.

Can it be defined in the ramps software, because I can not find the command in the generated gcode ?


Please try estlcam first, follow my guides. That will give you a good base of knowledge to try and adapt other programs. Evey box in estlcam has a description if you hover on it.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll try that,


My bad, I just needed to read up on relative and absolute coordinates.

I thought the CNC would reset coordinates to [0,0,0] when a print started, and used relative coordinates.
It does not.