Injection Mold Machine

Hi guys. Here is another update. Not sure why I cant log in under my old password. I had it tied to my google account and now im asked for word press? Anyways…

So back in November I thought it was all done and ready to go.

Then ran into a couple issues. One was that the plastic kept leaking between the mold and the machine. It was not being forced tight enough against the mold.

Costs were ballooning as additional steps to make the thing were added on.

So I went back to the drawing board and revisited my machine number two. I was developing two designs simultaneously, as I was nto sure which one was going to work and be economical as the key word here is economical, not a $1500 cast iron machine from the existing guys.

As of now however design number 2 has won. It is simple to manufacture, looks nice and importantly does not weigh the 25 pounds that design number one does which affects shipping costs.

Somewhere along the way, however I discovered that I re-invented somewhat what another guy in the UK has done (kind of)

However he does not ship outside of the UK, is charging over $1200USD, has no proper heat shielding and the wiring looks a little unsafe.

So now I am filling out the indiegogo application and I am asking the crowd for advice.

I am shipping direct from Asia as that is where I live.

So what I am thinking is including the shipping as a flate rate in the backing. I will have the final packaging box next week to weigh and get estimates.

Anyways let me know what you think.

Is there any link anywhere where we could see your machine?
Would be much more interesting if we had at least a few pictures to see what you are talking about

injection mold machine

It is based on the Gingery design using a drill press.

With shipping to the US and EU it is $450 (still need to confirm to make sure no export tax)

Ok It is live. Shipping to the US is $95 and EU is $145

Indiegogo EZ Injection mold Machine