inkscape, estlcam discrepancy?

Hi, I wanted to make a simple test pattern to test the squareness of my machine. I used inkscape to draw a 3-4-5 (inches) triangle. When I bring this into Estlcam with my grid set to 25.4mm , it appears slightly smaller than what I saw in inkscape. I expect the 3 and 4 sides to intersect with grid points on both ends. See attached images.
Am I doing something incorrectly or is one of these programs getting it slightly wrong?

Is the stroke on the outside of your path?

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Ryan, you are again correct!
I was going by the W: and H: parameters shown in inkscape, but it appears those are based on the stroke width.
I changed my stroke width to .01mm and the W: and H: values changed!
I reset W: and H: to 3,4 after using the new stroke and now it comes in just fine in Estlcam.


The only reason I know is I have been messing around with logo’s in inkscape the last three evenings. I am not good with vector based programs so I am fighting to learn it again.


Inkscape is generally a bit problematic for CAD / CAM purposes - it is just not designed with this purpose in mind. It is nice for artwork related projects but less for technical stuff.

Have a look at LibreCAD instead (it is just the opposite: very nice for technical things - very clumsy for artwork)