Inkscape or other programs????

Good morning… So I just finished my CNC build, and im excited about it.
First item of business is creating a chess board for my 3d printed chess pieces.
What program would be best for that? I have inkscape open etc, but it seems like the mundane detail of adding a line or a grid layout seems tedious.
Is there any easy to use program for making DXF files?
I just need to make a simple grid layout, with a few little tweaks… once thats done i can test it, and make a few more modifications.
Shouldnt be this hard i wouldnt think :slight_smile:

I use inkscape usually, but I’ve also used visio, which would work fine for making a grid. Visio is not free, however.

To make a grid in inkscape, I would do one of the following:

  1. Make a line. Copy it nine times.
  2. Rotate the last line 90 degrees and copy it eight times.
  3. Use the align and distribute dialog to arrange the lines into a regular grid.
  4. Group the lines and resize as desired.

Someone else might know of something else that would work better, but this is how I would do it.

I wanted to double-check my inkscape instructions, and ended up making the attached file. Hope it works for you.

Karl (1.25 KB)

So I actually downloaded freecad and it seems MUCh easier than inkscape (but ive heard great things about inkscape).
I am also toying with the option of adding an image to the middle of the board as well, which eludes me at the moment
thanks for the work you put in to that . much appreciated.

I haven’t used it, but I imagine a CAD program like freecad would be much simpler to create something geometric like a grid.