Inline Wheels

Hi, guys! Is it possible to use 72 or 80mm wheels? It's just really hard to find the 60mm here in Brazil, and when I find it, it's so expensive!!

Is it necessary to calculate in case I can use the 70 or 80mm?

Thank you for time.

I think they will work, your tool will just not reach the surface so you will need to add a platform.

Try looking for hockey wheels, or skateboard wheels.

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Thanks for helping me Ryan. I will search for skate boards because this is easy to find in Brazil and not expensive as inline wheels.


Does the width of the wheels have to be 24/25mm or can it be less?

Thank you.


Whatever you want but I highly suggest making sure you get the bearings spacers, those two bolts carry a significant amount of the load and without them you will not get any rolling.

Would it be possible to print the wheels…?

Yes, a few have

I’m also in Brazil and am having the same problem. Looking at the side part where the wheels will be, I calculated, measuring the distance between the center of the wheel place to the closest bolt and its 35mm, that the maximum wheel size would be 70mm. Isn’t that right?? I’m thinking about buying a longboard cruiser wheel with 60mm that coasts R$80,00 with spacers and rollers, but iam worried with its width: 45mm.woukd this be a problem?

A decent diameter that is around 53 to 54mm or above is a good choice. This is because it provides balance and speed.
Large wheels can help you balance yourself on the board and have a fast ride, resulting in an enjoyable and successful skateboarding experience. Besides a bigger diameter, look for conical shapes and lip wheels.