Inside circles are round, outside is oval

So I’ve decided to try and make a small box to practice my cam and fusion 360. I have found some odd behavior in the actual cutting, the inside circles are nearly perfectly round, but the outside circle is oval and not slightly oval but significantly oval. I’m not exactly sure what is happening. I’d imagine if my gantry was out of square the problem would be with both the inside and out side circles.

Finishing pass?

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Damn it! Why do I always for get about finishing passes? I will need to make a sign and post it next to my computer to remind me. Thanks Ryan, after I set up a finishing pass it worked much better, mind you I only did a test of the outer circle, I’ll run the full program tomorrow as its late.

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I think that is good that is the issue but it does suggest one direction of your machine is not as rigid as the others. Not saying mine probably is not that way, but it could be something minor and you might improve your job time if you can pinpoint the issue.