Integrated pivots into plywood?

I have seen a few different designs for these chairs. How do you guys think they do the pivots?

Wooden dowels?
Stainless dowels?
Some sort of dowel with screw threads in one side?

It seems like something that might squeak after a few times of use. It also looks like drilling the holes straight through the plywood edge might be tricky.

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I just exploded that pic on my tablet and it sure looks like dowel.

Yeah it does, just doesn’t seem like that would be strong enough

Here is one that uses hinges

And this is the one you found. They are selling on etsy

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Nice, yeah looks like very long dowels / pins with spacers. Probably a dowel plug on the outside too?. I saw a couple sketches and finished images but it seems to be hard to find actual assembly images.

I had a chair of a similar concept - it had steel pins for the pivots with glued wooden plugs holding them in place.


Did the pins squeak over time? Or was it a pretty good setup

I have some 1/8" brass rods, and some 5mm steel ones, bought for other projects. If I were worried about squeaking, I also have 5X4X10mm bearings for the 5mm rods, but I suspect for a project like this, it wouldn’t be too much of an issue just using the rods.

I didn’t think about brass. Maybe the self lubricating characteristic of brass also helps with wood? Alternatively I think I’m just over thinking this and just need to make a drill jig to test it out. Or one of those dowel drill jigs

They didn’t squeak but they did rust (plated mild steel I guess). Rust won’t be a problem for most people, but I live in an area of high humidity with plenty of salt in the air!

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